<i>Frequently Asked Questions</i>
<i>Frequently Asked Questions</i>

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions we get from customers. Have a look on here and if none of these answer your question, feel free to reach us by visiting our "Contact" page.

"What is UP-OCC?"
UP-OCC, or Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting is a process of refining wires utilizing a heated mold for casting and extruding, with cooling taking place in a separate process. This leads to larger crystal size and increased purity of up to 99.99999% (or 7N). The benefits of UP-OCC include free from impurities as possible to prevent corrosion, flexibility and fatigue resistance while maintaining conductivity, rapid signal transmission, among others. By working with the best manufacturer of UP-OCC, we are pleased to provide the best quality wires on the market for custom cables.

"What kind of wires do you offer?"
We offer many options, ranging from copper to palladium plated hybrid. Each wire has its own characteristics in sound and range, so we let our customers decide what they need and prefer, depending on their equipment. All wires are designed in-house and configured for optimal durability, flexibility, and performance.

"What can I do to get optimal results out of the cable?"
Here are a few tips to follow:

Installation = We provide an instruction card with every cable purchase. Read carefully and follow each step.

Burn-in = This is a process of exercising new audio equipment. Some may need 40 hours minimum to reach optimal performing state, but we recommend 100 hours to maximize its potential. This will result in the drastic improvement in sound.

Handle with care = The cable will work best when it is not heavily abused, tightly twisted/bent, and when they are connected/disconnected frequently from source. *IMPORTANT: User wear and tear will not be covered under warranty.*

"How does it compared to ___"
Out of respect for others, we do not comment, publicly or privately, on other products besides our own.

"Can you modify third party aftermarket cables?"
Yes we can, depending on the modification. Contact us with info regarding the product and what you wish to modify.

"Do you offer recabling services?"
Yes, depending on request. Contact us at sales@plussoundaudio.com and let us know more about your inquiry.

"How does it work?"
Simply enable bluetooth on your device, pair with the module, and you're set. You can now answer calls, raise/lower volume, and listen to music wirelessly.

"How does it perform?"
Very well. It performs just as good as wired cables!

"Can it also drive large headphones?"
Yes, it can. It will even drive high impedance headphones at sufficient volume levels!

"What kind of wires do you use?"
We use the same material as our wired cables. Each wire has its own characteristics in sound and range, so we let our customers decide what they need and prefer, depending on their equipment. All wires are designed in-house and configured for optimal durability, flexibility, and performance.

"Which codecs does it support?"
Our first gen module features aptX (Classic and LL), AAC, and SBC. Meanwhile, our latest V3 module supports SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD, and LDAC.

"Which codec gets enabled when paired?"
Depends on the device the module pairs with. For instance, iPhones do not support aptX, but has AAC and SBC, so the module will use AAC codec. However, if a device supports aptX, the module will use aptX by default.

Our latest V3 module supports the best performing codec by default.

"What is the wireless range on module?"
Up to 40 feet from line of sight.

"How is the battery life?"
Varies greatly based on settings, volume, codec used, application, and usage.

"How long does it take to charge?"
First gen can range around 2-3 hours, thanks in part by the built-in fast charge feature. You can still use while it charges, but it will take a bit longer to be at 100%.
Our latest V3 module charges within 1.5 hours based on charge source (i.e computer or outlet)

"Can I customize the overall length and/or module placement?"
Absolutely! If you need it shorter than normal length or want the module placed like a pendant, just let us know.

"Is there a manual available?"
Yes. You should see a link to download the start guide in your purchase receipt. If you cannot download it, let us know.

"What is an amplifier?"
It is an electronic device that amplifies the power, voltage, or current of a signal. Strongly recommended for earphone and headphones that have high impedance and require additional power to drive.

"What can I expect?"
Better quality and detailed output sound. With our Cloud Nine amplifier, it will not only drive In-Ear Monitors, but it has the power to drive the most power-hungry headphones on the market. You can view the Cloud Nine page for more details.

"What is the sound characteristics of Cloud Nine?"
Fuller sound. Impactful bass. Wide soundstaging. Highly detailed. Better clarity. Among other improvements. Visit product page to read what reviewers and customers had to say about its sound quality!

"What type of 9V batteries can be used?"
We have tested several 9V batteries (Alkanine, NiMH, Lithium) to verify that it fit and work on the amplifier, and we are pleased to confirm that it will work with all 9V batteries, including the following brands: Duracell, Panasonic, Energizer, Royavac, Tenergy.

"Which 9V batteries works best with the amplifier?"
All 9V batteries work perfectly with the amplifier. If you are looking for long lasting battery life, you can purchase lithium batteries which will last you for 70+ hours (depending on mAh, gain, volume, etc.) and it will sound slightly better due to its lower resistance/impedance. On the other hand, rechargeable NIMH batteries are a great investment when using the amplifier with high impedance headphones. Alkanine are fantastic all-around when using on trips or away from home, providing great battery life. Precaution: Do not mix batteries. We suggest you use the same exact pair of batteries when in use for better sound and battery life.

"What is the best approach to save on 9V batteries?"
If you wish to keep it within a budget, we recommend investing in two pairs of 9V NiMH (rechargeable) batteries. Use one pair for the amplifier while the other pair is being charged. When one pair runs out of battery, switch them out for the fully charged pair.

"Is there a user manual available?"
Yes. You should receive a link to download file in your purchase receipt. If it is not available, contact us and we will provide it.

"What is the build/processing time for each product?"
Production time depends on amount of orders we received, along with repairs, dealers, and distributors. Each product has their own estimated build time located on every product page. Keep in mind that processing time differs from shipping time.

"I am overwhelmed with all the options available. Can you explain what each option means?"

Click on "more information" under each dropdown when selected any cable you configure to find out more about a specific option. For some series, you may find some of them having more options than others due to various factors (sleeving, number of wires, braiding, etc.). We have listed all the available options to make it easier for you to understand and making ordering faster.

Connector: The connectors you want on your custom cable for your In-Ear Monitors, headphones, or device(s). We have a compatibility list on the top of each "cables" page. You will see the company followed by the model the cables are compatible with. Select the company name of choice, unless specified.

Length: This option allows you to select the total length of the cable (plug to connector). You can select length up to 10 feet, however we are able to make shorter and longer cables (from 1 Feet to as long as 20 feet). You can contact us for pricing regarding lengths.

Wires: Select the wire/sound of choice. All of our wires are in transparent clear insulation, however you will also find some wires with different insulation colors and the option to combine two different wires and insulation colors for aesthetics and finding the ideal sound. If you have any trouble or need help with finding the sound that will best suit you, you can contact us.

Braid type: We offer different braid types depending on the series. All of them are for the most part straightforward. Round has a round appearance and is one of the most flexible. Flat has a flat appearance and is the smallest/thinnest braid. Semi-Round is a combination between round and flat with round top and flat bottom, Square braid has a square appearance and flexible.

Plug: Also known as termination, this is what you will be connecting your source with. We offer various (1/8",1/4") plugs, XLRs, RCAs, among others.

Lower Heatshrink: This is the heatshrink that is at the bottom of the cable.

Y-Splitter: This is the heat shrink tubing that is between the lower section and left/right split of the cable. Now offering y-splitters in cryo treated aluminum.

Slider: Also known as the chocker, it is the heat shrink (or aluminum) that is used to tighten up when worn for better fit and adjustability.

Left/Right Heatshrinks: Used to indicate the left or the right side on the connectors or you can match with the same color.

Lower Sleeving: This is the sleeving used from the bottom of the cable, up to the Y-splitter. Available in Black, Silver, and White. Option only available in Apollonian, Apollonian+, Echo, and Echo+ series.

Left/Right Sleeving: This is the sleeving used from the Y-Splitter, up to the connectors. We offer various 'noise reduction', nylon and techflex sleevings. Option only available in Dionysian, Echo, Echo+, LR, and LR+ Series.

Left/Right Braid: This is braid starting from the Y-Splitter, up to the connectors. We offer two types - Round, Flat, and Twist. Option only available in X6 and X8 series.

If any of this is still unclear, you can contact us for more information.

"Do you accept custom requests?"
Yes, we do. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

"What payment methods do you accept?"
We accept PayPal, credit card, cryptocurrencies, and installments. When you checkout, you can select the option you like to pay. If it is not listed, let us know. For money order and wire transfer, instructions will be provided once order is received.

"Just placed an order and would like to make some changes. Is it possible?"
Yes you can, depending on the request(s) and how far we are in production. Requesting late in processing may cause delays and there may also be additional charges. Check with us to see what we can do.

"Do you have any dealers that I can audition your products at?"
Visit our Dealers page to see our list.

"We are looking to place a large order or group buy. Do you offer discounts?"
If you wish to become a dealer, contact us to discuss more info.

"What is the current status of my order?"
Chances are that we are still processing or it has already been shipped. Check your email for notification on status.

"Do you ship to ___?"
We ship worldwide!

"What are your shipping policies?"
We currently use USPS and UPS to ship out all orders, domestic and international. Prices are flat rate for all products based on weight, size, packaging, etc.* Tracking will be given once order has been completed and/or shipped as proof of order completion and to track package (depending on shipping option selected). For international orders, we do our best to lower custom value within a certain amount; however, customers are responsible of any custom fees or charges that might occur during shipment. For avoiding delays/lost package, be sure to provide us with the correct (or preferred) mailing address at checkout. Please note that if the address provided is not correct and deemed lost/missent, we will not replace your order. Therefore, we recommend selecting shipping choice with FULL tracking.

* If you wish a different shipping service, contact us and we can discuss the options.

Keep in mind: Shipping time are based on USPS and UPS estimations. International shipping may take longer than expected due to customs, holidays, among other factors. If order hasn't arrived within delivery time expected, contact us and we will do whatever we can to get your package in your door step as soon as possible.

"Why can't I track my order online?"
If you are ordering from outside USA, it will not track because you selected USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail as your shipping option. Tracking information is only available with USPS Express Mail or any UPS shipments. You will receive Custom ID that allows viewing package acceptance and few tracking points in the US. However, tracking will stop once it arrives at customs for international shipment. If you receive reference number beginning with LC/LN/LJ, it means that your postal service will treat package as normal mail and will not be trackable by your post office. Those beginning with letters EU will have full tracking and frequent status updates.

Warranty & Returns
"Do you offer returns?"
Custom wired and bluetooth cables: Due to the nature of made to order cables, all sales are final. Furthermore, processing starts immediately upon receiving order; therefore, changes cannot be made.

Amplifiers: We offer a
15 days (2 weeks) money back, minus 20% restocking/processing/handling fee. Shipping is not included in the refund, which means customers must pay full shipping to and from their location. Amplifier and all accessories must be included and in like-new condition; otherwise, partial refund will only be given.

Accessories and DIY components: We offer a
7 day (1 week) money back, minus shipping fee. Must be in new condition and never used.

"Do you provide warranty?"
Custom wired and bluetooth cables: Comes with one year warranty. Under warranty, orders can only be replaced if it is defective and determined that customer is not at fault. User wear, tear, and modifications are not accepted. If determined as manufacturing fault, it can either be repaired or replaced with a new one free of charge at our discretion.

Amplifiers: Comes with one year warranty. Under warranty, we will cover parts, labor, and shipping, if defective. Any misuse and modifications done are not accepted and will void warranty. If determined as manufacturing fault, it can either be repaired or replaced, at our discretion. Customer is responsible to pay for shipping item back to us.

Accessories/DIY: Replaced if damaged or defective during shipment within 5 business days. Contact us with the issue and send it back to have it taken care of. Once deadline has passed, it can no longer be replaced.

Note: We highly recommend you insure your product when shipping back as we are not responsible for lost or missent packages. More importantly, be sure to contact us before sending it back for further instructions.

"I damaged my ___. How much will it cost to fix?"
Our warranties on cables, earphones, and amplifiers will cover manufacturing faults free of charge, but not user wear and tear; therefore, repairs due to accidents or misuse can be performed for a nominal fee at our discretion, depending on the issue. We like to add that even after we perform a repair, the product, including the new part(s) will still be covered by warranty until it expires. If your product is out of the warranty period, there will be fees associated with repairs. We will let you know the costs beforehand, so contact us before proceeding to send it back.