<i>Ready To Ship</i>
<i>Ready To Ship</i>

Ready To Ship

Estimated processing time for ready to ship orders
1-3 days
Last updated on May 21

No Wait Time

The following are completed, fully assembled units that are ready for immediate shipment. If you want to customize your cable/adapter instead, visit the IEM, Headphone, Interconnect, and Bluetooth pages.

High Quality Materials

We use (as well as develop) high quality components to construct all our cables for the best performance and build quality. To learn more on developed components, visit the About page.

One Year Warranty

All units come with a one year warranty. Should you experience an issue, contact us so we can resolve it as fast as possible in order for you to get back to listening.

Handcrafted in the USA

All our cables were handcrafted from start to finish in Los Angeles, California, USA.