<i>About Us</i>
<i>About Us</i>

About Us

Our Beginnings
Started in April 2012, PLUSSOUND offered the world's first fully customizable audio cable service for earphones and headphones. With years of audio experience with focus on musical performance and analysis, he brought in industry talents with similar backgrounds to research and develop new approaches in performance, sound, build, tech and innovation. As a result of the hard work and dedication for audio from a growing team, PLUSSOUND began to expand its portfolio with the development of audio amplifiers, in-ear monitors, and bluetooth technology. We are more than just a cable manufacturer, we are an all-in-one audio manufacturer driven to producing the best and unique products on the market. All hand assembled in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Our Mission
At PLUSSOUND, our mission is to provide excellent products with unrivaled customer and after-sale services for the best possible experience. We embrace feedback and comments from partners, manufacturers, and customers to further our developments in build and performance to match and exceed other industry leading offerings.

Our Future
PLUSSOUND will continue to expand product portfolio by creating new and innovative experiences in the audio industry. At the same time, we will aim to further improve the quality of our existing portfolio to better serve our clients and partners and remain in the forefront of the industry.


“Anyone who has invested in TOTL IEM or headphone owes it to themselves to try one of these astonishing cables. It will increase performance and looks amazing!”
“Cables sound amazing and are extremely well made and comfortable. Well worth the price.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I have received my order today and I am very pleased with the cable. It is remarkably well built, and it is absolute pleasure to wear it and listen to it. I have spent whole evening listening to music and I enjoyed it very much.”
“Just got the cable. It looks beautiful! Thank you so much for making such a fine product. It hasn’t burned in yet but I can already tell it’s going to be a vast improvement over the stock cable”
“Just received the cable yesterday and the sound is great!”
“The cables arrived and they sound great! They are everything
I hoped they would be. The sound is much fuller and richer with better clarity and resolution throughout the
audio spectrum. Thanks again for all your help.”
“I’m listening to the Audeze cable as I write this note - the tone and clarity are unbelievable. I look forward to what happens over the burn in period because I’ve never listened to sound this good.”
“I’m stunned!!! Perfect rhythm and superb transients, it feels I have a new set of cans and a new headphone amp. Very, very happy… and very very impressed…”
“Big shout out to plusSound for their really awesome service and definitely quality! Highly recommend their products for audio lovers!!”
“Love these cables… worlds apart from the stock cable!”
“I received my cable this week and its far exceeded my expectations!”
"The cable came in today and I'm very thankful to you for your outstanding work. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)"
“I just received the X8 CIEM cable for PHA-3, and it is the best quality cable I ever purchased…”
"I just wanted to say thanks again for everything. I am loving the custom cables EX1000 more and more, and the unrivaled quality of the products and customer relations of plusSound."
“I just received the cables. My first impression when looking upon them was WOW!! The are gorgeous. Very exquisite. Screams high end!!”
"I am really enjoying the cable and its really hie to use HD800s and AK240, they pair surprisingly well, and the cable suits the synergy!"
"I finally received my X Series IEM cable yesterday and wanted to give some customer feedback. It is a very nice looking cable, well built, and great sounding."
"My cable has finally arrived!!! And my Senn[heiser]'s now sound FAR BETTER!!! Thanks guys, cable really met expectations and even more, it's really quality stuff. Thank you one more time..."
“Got them today. Outstanding work, fine quality workmanship and sound quality greatly improved as compared to the old stock cable. WOW what a difference they make. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”
"I just got my custom cables in the mail today. Everything is great and as expected from a cable company. Thank you."
"My order arrived this morning and I would like to tell you that I'm very happy with them. The cable is beautifully made and sounds pretty good right out of the box. The adapter fits 2.5mm TRRS tightly. Will definitely order some more in the near future!"
"[Cable] build is very good...Y-split and plug look and feel of premium quality. Overall, it looks and feels great."
"Custom cable for my Shures arrived today... Turned out more beautiful than I thought they would. Thank, guys!"
"I love your cables. They make little noise, are comfortable, and sound great."
"Very nice cable. I can say that the cable sounds excellent with the LCD-3 with new fazor technology... Your litz cable retains the warmth while having a small improvement in detail and is nicer looking and better made/more durable [than the rest]."
"Finally received my plusSound SPC cables today... look and feel amazing! Sound wise, I literally hear stuff I didn't before."
"Great cable and AWESOME customer service. It had been a huge pleasure to deal business with you. Definitely a 5 stars business in my book."
"This is official (in my book) that plusSound are on of the few super best companies I've ever done business with!"
"Just got the headphones in the mail the other day and I gotta say - YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! Incredible quality, man!"
"The exo cable is a great to go with, especially with CIEMs... It cleaned up the slight bluriness of the sound in comparison with stock cable, which is great."
"...unbelievably good cable for my IEMs! Thanks!"

"You are officially my favorite custom cable professional!!"
"The cable is gorgeous! It looks nice! And the sound became more detailed and natural in high frequencies. Thank you!"
"I received the cable yesterday.. the crosstalk problem is solved. Sound has never been better... Thanks again for your perfect service."
"...Rarely have I seen or known anyone in this industry work pass 8pm, let alone emailed with me back and forth, almost just like live chat!!! Very impressive, indeed..."
" I ordered my cable during your Black Friday sale. I am very happy with the quality."
"Really love your Exo cable. I'm very happy with it!!!"
"I would like to thank the person that made my cable, not only is the cable beautifully crafted but has added more depth to the sound :)"
"The cable and workmanship are amazing!"
"I love the cable that you made me, not only does it sound incredible, but it looks great!"
"Just got this cable from you, it sounds simply amazing!!"
"I am currently using [my cable] with the Sensaphonics 3Max. Originally, I was thinking that I would swap it back and forth between the Sensaphonics and the Shure 846 IEMs, but it is such a fantastic cable that I want one for each set of IEM so that I do not need to switch back and forth. The sound quality is absolutely second to none and the cable looks so good, it is almost a piece of jewelry!.. Thank you for producing such a high quality product."
"I just received my cables. It is perfect. This is a marvelous product.!! Thanks a lot!!"
"Received the cable today. One word: "F***". This thing is awesome… Thanks a million."
"I just wanted to let you know that I received the interconnect cable from you…. The build quality with very nice soft cable and sleeve. I must say is top notch… we are both impressed. Thank you very much for your prompt/professional service, great communication, and quality."
"I received the cable today. It is phenomenal. Thanks so much.
"Greatest headphone cords I've ever had! Quick shipping for custom item!! A+++++"
"…plusSound Silver cable is better than most other silver cables I've owned… I found the silver cable to offer better bass control… instrument separation, and more aggressive detailing of the leading edges of notes… as well as a crisper, more present, balanced treble response."
"I have been taking my time to make sure that the cables are fully burnt in. They finally are and I have to tell you that I love them. They have a mixture of transparency, warmth, detail, speed.. They do everything great - highs, mids, lows…""
"These are very nice cables by the way. I am very satisfied."
"I received the cables. Damn, they are good! Great job. Really, thank you!"
"I swapped the stock cord with my plusSound Audio (Pure) Silver cable and the difference in sound was fairly immediately noticeable… The silver cable afforded a clearer, cleaner, better controlled sonic picture."
"1st class service, 1st class communication, 1st class product."
"Great cable, really makes a difference. A++++"
"My cable arrived today… sounds great.. crystal clear and delivers rich sound thru my Ultimate Ears earphones.. Thank you so much for your constant contact…"
"Some of the best cable craftsmanship. A+. Great seller and product."
"Killer upgrade for headphones! My Grado SR60is are now a pleasure to listen to!"
"I love my cable - perfect with my portable set up. Thank you very much!!!"
"Thanks for the cable. It is sure of a high quality product, I love in looks and feel. It works flawlessly with the HE-500 and Emotiva Mini X A-100… In general, the work is excellent and worth the cost."
"plusSound cable is amazing. Brilliant build quality, exactly as I specified. It just looks the business and will last for years."
"Really nice work from plusSound. Build quality is superb and looks amazing!!!"
"Received early. Beautiful finish. Great communication. Highly recommended."
"Beautiful finish and sound quality, fast delivery, and good package."
"I just got my plusSound Exo Series Cable (Silver-Plated Copper) and it sounds pretty nice…The highs are very nicely defined no without any hint of exaggeration, the sound is clearer and smoother with very much improved separation and now I'm hearing a bit more in the field of dynamics, and vocals are even more nuanced than before. All this allows for a good increase in detail retrieval across the entire spectrum… Overall I'm very pleased and I think everyone should get an aftermarket cable, because there is much untapped potential."
"I'm very happy with the sound quality. The improvement compared to the stock cable is higher than my expectations. The amount of bass increase a lot and are smoother… The soundstage also becomes larger and spacey - very well defined. The highs are not very good with the stock cable, but with the Exo cable, the highs become very good and suit to my taste."

"So all I'll say is $#@%^ wow!.  Unreal how open they sound now.. Mids are so much more open transparent punchier and tighter. Attack on cymbals, guitars are cleaner, Lows are dynamic with and no decay artifacts. Couldn't believe how much better an IEM can sound & I only use 4 drivers as a bassist."
"Top notch cable, real deal. Fast, friendly and informative customer support. A++"
"Exactly as described. I am very satisfied."
"The cable is so nice!"
"I received my cable about two days ago, and you can color me impressed… I will definitely let others know how good of a job you do."
"Incredible seller, great communication and customized to my needs. Top notch."
"Beautiful cable, impressive sound quality and quick delivery. Thank you for your kind and good service."
"Got the silver + 1% gold Exo from plusSound, and I see a step-up in resolution and detailing… It's slightly brighter also, while retaining most of the bass the Heir 8.A is famous for."
"Exactly how I expected. Slick build, comfy, and very adaptable."
"Fantastic cable for my [Shure] SE535's and great service… definitely recommended."
"Worth the wait as the cable is fantastic!"
"…The quality is just amazing. I'm pretty impressed by how it actually changed the sound as well…"
"The build and quality of the cable is superior. Sound is reference signature."
"I use a plusSound Audio Exo Silver + 1% Gold cable to improve the treble, while still retaining most of the bass. Awesome lush mid range, I must say."
"Just wanted to say I received the cable and its fantastic.. There's a distinct difference [over stock cable] in my view… Thank you for a great service/product and I will certainly be upgrading in a few months!"
" I am using [the] silver-plated copper cable. I love it. It's well made, sounds great and is reasonably priced."
"I have two of your cables. I find them well crafted and neutral, which is what a good cable should be. Both of them will last for many years. Thanks for your dedication to quality and sound."
"My cables just arrived this afternoon. The build is supreme, perfect. They both work well."
"Just got them in, they look great. Thanks."
"The build quality is very good. I believe the price/performance ratio is exceptional. You guys should try it out!!"
"Thank you, sir(s). You have opened my ears to a new level of sound quality, through better cables."
"Dynamics are a bit more clear and sound stage feels just a bit more extended… Liking them very much so far."
"My cable came out great, it looks fantastic. The sound is perfect as well."
"Thank you so much for the great cable and excellent custom service."
"Amazing work! Great sound and very comfortable cable! Exceeds expectations!!"
"Got the cables. They look great! I'm quite impressed."
"I ended up deciding on plusSound's EXO 26/50 silver with gold.. WOW.. really woke up those dark LCD-3s…"
"Bought IEM cables from you and I love 'em"
"It is really nice, improves really much the transparency and details of these [Q701] headphones"
"Fantastic cable! Sounds great and the workmanship is incredible."
"Nice cables. Great communication. Thank you!"
"Thank you for this nice and rare product!"
"Got the cable. It sounds so good."
"Received the cable and it is amazing!"
"Simple, well built, and quite nice… I dig it."
"Very nice cable. Flexible unlike the stock cable"
"Just got the cable. Looks great & sounds very warm like listening through a tube. I'm enjoying this, thanks."
"I've received my cable. Very nicely build, good work, I am very pleased with it."
"It is very convenient to use: soft and light.. I can already hear more details and bass are more defined. Nice cable indeed, I am very happy withe product!"
"Got the cable. It sounds so good."
"Received the cable and it is amazing!"
"Simple, well built, and quite nice… I dig it."
"Very nice cable. Flexible unlike the stock cable"
"Just got the cable. Looks great & sounds very warm like listening through a tube. I'm enjoying this, thanks."

"I've received my cable. Very nicely build, good work, I am very pleased with it."
"It is very convenient to use: soft and light.. I can already hear more details and bass are more defined. Nice cable indeed, I am very happy with this purchase."
"The build quality is superb. Customer service is superb. The price is very reasonable for the top quality wire material and components used."
"I received the cable today and I am totally happy with it. This is what I call an upgrade! Thank you very much for the high quality cable. Good job… will recommend you and your work"
"Just wanted to say how happy I am with my cable… So comfort wise and build quality this cable is brilliant. Sound quality to me is already an improvement and I've only started listening to it… Thanks for the great cable."
"Item exactly as described, well packed, shipped fast..."
"Excellent cable. I appreciate it very much. Thanks."
"Received the cables today and they look amazing!"
"Glad I found out about you, you make a pretty fair impression!"
"Good sound and quick shipping."
"Great cable."
"Excellent product, fast service"
"Perfect!!!... Thank you very much for your kindness. You're very professional and I love it!!!"
"Great wire. Excellent Seller. Good communication. A++++++++++++++"
"I received the cable and I am very happy with it, so far sound is warm and detailed… Well job done."
"I appreciate the speed and efficiency that was put in the build of my cable and extend my thanks to everyone involved."
"Great work!"
"Top quality cable. Fast shipping... Thanks from Germany,"
"Your cable is awesome!"
"Best product and quick shipping"
"Used my cable in the studio and what a change! The music comes across so clear and the bass is fantastic..."
"Cable has arrived! Sound is excellent! Thanks."
"Great cable. A+++++ seller."
"The cable is fantastic! Thank you"
"I've received the cable and I'm seriously impressed! Your handy work is outstanding!"
"Good sound thx"
"I've had a stab at building cables for some of my headphones in recent years but [yours] puts those to shame."
"Great work, First rate seller. A+"
"Everything sounds so awesome! Thank you so much for having excellent customer service."
"I really like your cables and the option to configure it the way I want it."
"Quality [LOD] connector A++++"
"Got my cable today. Sweet build."
"Thanks. Great cable"
"Well made cable for the price A +++++"
"I really want to thank you for everything as I really don't get this kind of customer support in any site, you helped me a lot without even being sure if I'm going to make the order in the end, I'm really grateful for everything and want to tell you that I made 100's of orders online and never seen customer support which is very fast and supportive as you."
"Very nice cable, man! Very nice. All of these other so called cable manufacturers could certainly take a few notes from you... Well done and thank you!"
"Seller very patient. Excellent service and cable."
"Excellent product, great communication. A+ Seller!"
"The cable is really just amazing.. I'd love to purchase another cable from you guys"
"Exactly as described. Quick Shipping. Very Nice Cable. Perfect Thanks."
"I've been using my custom cables for 5 hours now and they sound great!
"Just received my cable.. these are heavy duty!"
"Cable received. I actually believe I can hear the improvements through use of upgraded cable!! It is excellent."
"5-Star Experience. Highly Recommended."
"I have searched for literally a year trying to find a decent cable at a decent price exactly like yours. I finally found it!"
"The quality and craftsmanship of the cable is stunning."
"Excellent custom cable. Quick Delivery. Great Product!! Thanks.
"Wow!! Talk about efficiency! It's been a long hunt for a believable replacement [cable] … Your product came out on top!"
"Amazing cable, has wonderful effect on my ue10!!"
"I have just received my cable, it is brilliant for my headsets…Thanks."
"AAA+++. Nice Cable"
"I got the cable today. Looks and sounds good."
"I finally received the cable. I'm very satisfied of the quality. Thanks again for the great support!!"
"Excellent quality, five stars for top(!) support, best regards from germany :))"
"Love the cable! I hear great improvements in sound."
"[Your cables] are definitely a step up from stock cables and less burdensome to carry."
"Great Cable, Recommend to others!"
"Just got my cable today. It has greatly exceeded my expectations. The sound has improved in all ranges and soundstage is MASSIVE! I am planning to buy more cables from you soon."
"Excellent customer service. You really took your time building the cable. Everything is very very good. Thank you so much!"
"Top seller! A+++"
"The cable is very good. No problems and amazing sound!"
"Very good sound. Thanks!"
"High quality and built to last."
"The sound [with silver wires] is great!"
"I received the cable, pretty awesome. You really took time to make it to my needs, and one year warranty too!"
"Item arrived very quick, works perfect, as good or better than described."
"Best custom made cable… good customer support and fast shipping too. The cable increases the sound quality of UE TripleFi greatly, I'm hearing sounds that never noticed. Love this product, owner of UE Triple Fi 10 should give this cable a try, really worth the money!!!!"


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