Rhodium Plated Connectors

In-house designed for custom cables

Ideal for audiophiles looking to add more sparkle and clarity to their sound. Rhodium connectors also feature new proprietary copper based pins, chamfered edge, and laser engraved logo. Available now.

Create Your Own

We offer a vast number of options and combinations for you to choose from, more than any other on the market. We carefully go over every detail in your order throughout the building process to ensure it is built the way you want it.

High Quality Materials

We design, develop, and use proprietary wires and components to produce unrivaled performance and build quality on all our custom cables. Visit the About page for more information.

Accessories Included

Every cable comes with a microfiber cloth, genuine leather cable band, and warranty card.
All shipments will also come with our special packaging for the ultimate unboxing experience.

Custom Requests

Looking for an even shorter/longer cable or a different configuration than what is available on this page? You can contact us
HERE for inquiries.

One Year Warranty

All cables come with a one year warranty. Should you experience an issue, contact us so we can resolve it as fast as possible in order for you to get back to listening.

Handcrafted in the USA

All our cables are made to order and handcrafted from start to finish in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Estimated build time for new orders
4-6 weeks
Last updated on Jan 15

C O M P A T I B I L I T Y _ L I S T

PS 0.78mm / 2-Pin / CIEM > JH Audio, 1964 Ears/64 Audio, Unique Melody, Earsonics, Kozee, Stage 93, Aurisonics (ASG-1.5, ASG-2.5), Heir Audio, Compact Monitors, Future Sonics, Gorilla, Alien Ears, Alclair, Dream Earz, Clear Tune Monitors, Frogbeats, Rhapsodio, Tralucent Audio, Spiral Ear, Vision Ears, Rooth, Noble Audio, InEar, Lear, Lime Ears, Rhines, CanalWorks, EarWerkz/Empire Ears, InEarz, Eartech Music, Advanced Ears, Cosmic Ears, Hidition, Cypher Labs, Stage93, iBasso, Oriolus, Asius Technologies, Aroma Audio, Cowon (X40), Westone (UM3RC, UM3X, W4R, ES Series, AC Series, UM2 Series), Audeze (iSine 10, iSine 20, iSine LX, LCDi4), Fender, FAudio, Jomo Audio, AAW, Moondrop
[Our 2-pin connectors will work on any IEM with non-recessed (flush) and recessed sockets]

PS MMCX > Shure (SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535. SE846) Ultimate Ears (UE900), Westone (UM PRO 10, 20, 30, 50, W10, W20, W30, W40, W60, W80, ES50, ES30, ES20, ES10, AC20, AC10, S Series, Am Pro 10, Am Pro 20, Am Pro 30), Sensaphonics, Earsonics (S-EM9), Cosmic Ears, InEarZ, Audiofly (AF120, AF140, AF160, AF180), Fidue (A83), VSonic (VSD3S), Ultrasone (IQ), JVC (HA-FX850, Solidege), Campfire Audio (Lyra, Orion, Jupiter, Nova, Andromeda, Lyra II, Dorado, Vega, Atlas, Comet, Solaris, Equinox), Fender (DXA1, FXA2, FXA2, FXA5, FXA6, FXA7), Aurisonics (Harmony, Forte, Eva, Kicker), Onkyo (E900M), Oriveti (Primacy), HUM (Pristine), Trinity (Atlas), Earnine (EN2), MusicMaker (TK12s), ZhiYin (QT5), AKG (N40, N30), Fostex (TE04), Acoustune, Pioneer (SE-CH9T-K), Radius, Shinola (Canfield, Canfield Pro), LZ (A3, A4, A5), Light Harmonic (Stella), PLUSSOUND (Spectrum, Prism, Gamut), Fiio, Akoustyx

PS IPX/T2 > Ultimate Ears (2018-20 models), InEarz (2019-20 models), ACS, 64 Audio (Late 2020)

PS A2DC > Audio-Technica (EP-CP, ATH-E40, ATH-E50, ATH-E70, LS200, LS300, LS400, HDC313A, CKR90, LS50, LS70, CKS1100)
Extruded > Unique Melody, Ultimate Ears, QDC

0.75mm > Ultimate Ears (Triple.Fi 10 Pro, Super.fi 5 Pro, Super.fi 3 Studio), Altec Lansing (UHP336), M-Audio (IE 10, IE 20XB, IE 30, IE 40), Nuforce (HEM2, HEM4, HEM6, HEM8)

Sennheiser > IE7, IE8, IE80, IE40, IE400, IE500

FitEar > MH-NH205, MH334, MH335DW, ToGo 334, Private 222, Private223, Private 333, Parterre, Fitear, Monet 17, Air, Aya, Fostex (TE100)

Audio Technica > ATH-IM50, ATH-IM70, ATH-IM01, ATH-IM02, ATH-IM03, ATH-IM04

Sony > XBA Series, MDR-EX600, MDR-EX800, MDR-EX1000, MDR-7550, IER-Z1R, IER-M9, IER-M7

Etymotic > ER4B, ER4PT, ER4S, ER6I, ER4, ER4SR, ER4XR

JH Audio > 2-pin, 4-pin, Siren/Performance (with and without adjusters)

Acoustune > HS1655CU, HS1695Ti, HS1655CU, HS1697Ti, HS1677SS, HS1657CU

RCX/Fircon > Fir Audio
  •  PS 2-Pin / 0.78mm / CIEM

    PS 2-Pin / 0.78mm / CIEM

  •  PS MMCX


  •  PS A2DC

    PS A2DC

  •  Sony (MDR-EX)

    Sony (MDR-EX)

  •  Audio Technica (IM Series)

    Audio Technica (IM Series)

  •  MMCX (Sony)

    MMCX (Sony)

  •  MMCX (Westone)

    MMCX (Westone)

  •  MMCX (AKG N Series)

    MMCX (AKG N Series)

  •  Extruded (UM/UE)

    Extruded (UM/UE)

  •  FitEar


  •  JHA 4-Pin

    JHA 4-Pin

  •  Sennheiser (IE8/IE80)

    Sennheiser (IE8/IE80)

  •  Etymotic (2-Pin)

    Etymotic (2-Pin)

  •  Etymotic (MMCX)

    Etymotic (MMCX)

  •  0.75mm


  •  PS IPX/T2 (for latest UE and InEarz)

    PS IPX/T2 (for latest UE and InEarz)